Whitefish Avalanche Dogs


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Tug of war with Jett, the reward for a successful drill!
Jett found his drill buddy!
Cleo learning about rescues with helicopters!
Cleo is rewarded for her success!
Jett, staying up to speed with burial drills!
The hardest working co-worker: JETT!

We have two avalanche dogs that work with us at Whitefish Resort named Jett and Cleo. As all pet owners know there are many annual costs that come with having a furry family member, and working dogs are no exception. Our avalanche dogs are not just family, they are co-workers essential to our avalanche rescue program and serving the safety of our community. They go through extensive training each year. Your donation can help with all of the costs of keeping our avalanche dogs well trained and healthy. This year we were hit with some very unfortunate news that one of our avalanche dogs was diagnosed with cancer.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice. Our beloved Avalanche Rescue K9 Jett has been diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma. You would never guess the guy with no “off” switch was even sick, but here he is in the fight of his life.

Jett is a 7-year-old Smooth Coat Border Collie and Whitefish Mountain Resort’s first certified avalanche search and rescue dog. Jett started life with a pretty rough start. He was found wandering the streets of Mt Pleasant, UT, surviving off the peanut butter sandwich scraps fed to him at a nearby elementary school. Jett (then Rocket) hit the jackpot when he was picked up by the folks of Western Border Collie Rescue and eventually found his forever home right here in NW Montana. Jett started working for The Whitefish Ski Patrol in 2015, passing his validation exam with the National Search Dog Alliance in 2017. He gives 100% every day on the hill in hopes that he will never be needed. Now Jett is the one who needs help.

Your contributions can help with all of the costs of keeping our avalanche dogs well trained and healthy.
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